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MSA Admissions

As a community within Novato High School, we are both proud Hornets (NHS mascot) and proud Servals (MSA mascot.) In the MSA community, we value creativity, passion, hard-work, and diversity. Our MSA admission process reflects our desire to continually develop our MSA identity as talented and committed artist scholars that represent the best of the Bay.

Admission to Marin School of the Arts at Novato High School is through an application and audition review process. Students are accepted both from within the Novato Unified School District and all areas of Marin, Sonoma and surrounding counties.

Prospective students and their parents are invited to participate in activities that help families understand the breadth and depth of our program offerings including MSA Family Tours and Student Shadow Days. While these activities will be modified to a virtual format during the current public health crisis, they will be offered before the application process opens (see information below).

Admission to MSA is based on the criteria described on the Audition and Portfolio Guidelines page.  No preference is given to where an incoming student lives, their socioeconomic status, gender, race or religious beliefs.  MSA is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion in our programs.

2021-22 SCHOOL YEAR: Online applications are now open, please follow the steps below

MSA is a specialized program within Novato High School for students who are passionate about the arts to pursue college-level arts training.  Students must maintain a 2.0 or higher grade point average and have good attendance and citizenship.

The Application Process

Marin School of the Arts application process consists of two steps— STEP ONE: Student Information Form and STEP TWO: MSA Program Applications for each program of interest. Students may apply for up to three program areas.

Program applications are reviewed by faculty, who conduct auditions and/or portfolio reviews. We are looking for students who are passionate about their art form—it is not necessary for applicants to have previous professional training. We are an inclusive community open to all—regardless of socio-economic standing, race, gender or personal beliefs.

Once ALL required application forms have been submitted (see instructions below), applicant families will be contacted to schedule audition(s)/interview(s).


STEP ONE:   Complete & submit the MSA Student Information Form below.

Student Information Form

Once submitted you will immediately have access to the MSA program applications to complete Step Two below.

STEP TWO:   Program Applications(s)

You may submit applications for one to three programs. You will have access to program applications once you submit your Student Information Form above. At least one program application must be submitted to in order to complete your application packet and have an audition scheduled.


If you require an Inter-District Transfer (reside outside of Novato) or an Intra-District Transfer (reside within San Marin High School boundaries), you must begin your transfer request with NUSD at the time of application. Please visit to begin your transfer request process.


November, 2020– Applications now open for 2021-20 school year. Please start with this Student Information Form

December 16, 2020–Early Bird Deadline. Submitting your program applications early allows you expedited choice of audition time(s) slots and allows us to process your application more quickly.

January 6, 2021–Final deadline for all program applications—your audition(s) will not be scheduled until your application packet is complete. If your student requires an Inter/Intra District Transfer to attend Novato High, the applicants’ school records must also be received at NUSD by January 6.

January 23-24, 2021—Auditions and interviews for all programs. Late auditions/interviews will be considered on a case by case basis.
Please visit the Audition and Portfolio Guidelines page for more information about each program’s audition process.

February 8, 2021—We begin sending notification of admission status letters – these are mailed in envelopes individually designed (a time-honored MSA tradition).

Monday, March 2, 2021—Letters of Intent must returned to the MSA Office by this date if you wish to accept your admission invitation and guarantee your placement.


A note on school records:
MSA no longer requires school records as part of your MSA application. Applicants needing an Intra/Inter District Transfer to attend MSA, must submit their school records to NUSD (see information above). Applicants who will attend Novato High School as their home school will follow documentation guidelines through NHS registration steps on School Mint.

For additional information or questions, please email MSA Program Specialist Shannon Miller at

MSA Family Tours

MSA offers Family Tour online to give prospective students and their parents or guardian an overview of all that MSA has to offer. We look forward to an opportunity to meet with you during one of our live online sessions.

Please visit the MSA Tour page for information or sign up for an online tour here.

MSA Student Shadow Days

Due to Covid-19 and our current campus access restrictions, MSA Shadow Days are suspended until further notice.

For additional information about MSA programs please sign up for an online tour, visit our MSA Programs section or email the MSA Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit another program application at a later date?

Yes! You may submit up to three program applications anytime before Jan. 6, 2021.  If you already have three program applications and would like to drop one to add another, please contact Shannon Miller for assistance at

Can I remove a program application?

YES! Please contact us if you no longer would like to apply/audition for a program for which you have already submitted an application.

Can I make changes to previously submitted forms?

Yes. You have the ability to edit your applications online. Simply click the “Edit repsonse” link at the bottom of your form to do so.