Sculpture & Ceramics Admission Guidelines

Applicants of all skill levels are encouraged to apply. Please contact Ms. Levi with any questions or for assistance.


Portfolio Guidelines

1. One sculpture of your choosing made of any type of clay. Choose a piece that exhibits the best and most interesting aspects of your work.

2. One sculpture made of a medium other than clay. This could be wire, cardboard, wood, paper mache, textiles, plaster, string, recyclables, etc. Feel free to use multiple mediums.

3. A sketch or sketches of a work that you are currently making or want to make in the future. Be prepared to talk about the idea, the planned process, and what inspired it.

4. One picture of a work that inspires you or has made an impact on you. Be prepared to explain why.

Bring Above Work to Audition


Audition Guidelines

Once you’ve filled out an application, you will be contacted to set up an appointment for your audition/interview. If you do not receive information regarding setting up a time/date by January 15, please contact Shannon Miller, Program Specialist.

1. Please bring your completed work to your audition.

2. Please be prepared to discuss your work, the sculptures that made an impact on you, and what kind of kind of sculptures you would like to create yourself.

Applicants of ALL skill levels are encouraged to apply. Contact Ms. Levi with any questions or for assistance.

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