Creative Writing

MSA Creative Writing

Program Overview

The Creative Writing Program at Marin School of the Arts fosters and develops a collaborative, engaged, passionate group of student writers. The program allows students the opportunity to experiment with their own writing style in a safe, creative environment.

Students will examine and explore a variety of writing fundamentals, including structure, plot, character and scene development, conflict, and dialogue. Students also read, reflect, and discuss examples of professional writing to help guide their own development as writers.

Student Voice & Choice

The MSA Creative Writing Program also allows freedom and flexibility for students to pursue the writing styles and genres they are most passionate about. The classroom environment fluctuates between a workshop and a project-based classroom, as needed. Students become more confident in using their writer’s voice as they progress through the curriculum, with more opportunities for choice in their writing projects, and students individually determine what will constitute their final portfolios at the end of the course.

All students are expected to submit their work to national and/or local competitions as part of our classroom projects, such as the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards and Poetry Out Loud

The program offers opportunities for students to delve into a variety of writing forms and genres, including:

  • Flash fiction
  • Short story
  • Novel
  • Dramatic script
  • Poetry
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Journalism


MSA Creative Writing students collaborate with each other, as well as other MSA programs on engaging interdisciplinary projects.

Each year, writers and visual artists collaborate on the annual student-run MSA Anthology, in which each writer contributes a piece that is interpreted by a visual artist.

In 2018, writing students took part in a screenwriting project with the Cinematic Arts Program, writing scripts that were interpreted and filmed.  In 2017, MSA Creative Writing and Jazz Studies teamed up for a project in which MSA Jazz set music to poetry written and performed by Creative Writing students (pictured left). Each year a new opportunity for collaboration is explored and enjoyed by the entire MSA community.

Readings & Presentations

In addition to readings of their works in class, students participate in presentations, public readings, and showcases throughout the year as part of the Creative Writing program at Marin School of the Arts. Sharing and learning to embody their writing is an important part of the process.

Some of these opportunities include (but are not limited to) MSA Soirée events, performances at the MSA Book Passage event in the Fall, and the MSA Showcase each Spring.

Creative Writing

Teacher Rebecca Pollack

Find out more about MSA Creative Writing Teacher Rebecca Pollack by visiting her MSA Profile page.