Welcome to Photography

The project-based program works to prepare students to create fine art photography using the computer and DSLR cameras. Students will use the computer, scanners, and printers to create unique black and white and color photographs.

Course Goals

The curriculum is based on the California State Standards for Visual Art. For access to the full text of the standards, go to This is an elective course in photography, which meets the requirements for entrance into state colleges and universities. For each new project, samples of work are shown and new techniques demonstrated.

First Semester: Student learn technical aspects of photography, digital processing with Photoshop, and basic design principles.

Second Semester: Focus is on creative exploration and manipulation of images and preparation for gallery showings.

Photography II and III: Technical aspects are reviewed the first semester and command of the digital camera is emphasized. More challenging use of Photoshop and greater control over composition is expected from the advanced students.

This photography assignment was for students to illustrate elements out of context. It won 1st place in the Photography category for ArtFest 2018

Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Advance their visual literacy and visual communication skills and refine their ability to transform their thoughts into meaningful images using the vocabulary of the visual arts;
  • Become increasingly skilled with progressively more advanced digital tools and technologies;
  • Advance critical thinking skills, time management and organizational skills, and design problem solving through the successful completion of self-paced art projects, engaging in independent research, and actively participating in small, collaborative group projects;
  • Increase their ability to analyze, interpret, formulate and express opinions and judgements about works of art, including their own, and will exhibit their work and develop portfolios of their accumulated work;
  • Display, exhibit and publish their work, through the Marin School of the Arts, Novato High School, at local and regional shows, galleries and exhibitions and in website collections.



Instructional Setting

Classes take place in a fully equipped multimedia computer lab with networked Apple iMac computers running Adobe Suite Creative Cloud software and utilizing photo quality printers and scanners. Students can use Wacom Graphire & Intuos tablets and other peripherals to complete assignments.

Students must have access to digital SLR camera. A 70-inch monitor is in place for class presentations and group critiques. The school provides cameras for students who may not have access to one and all other material.