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Hello Artsy Folks,

Eleven days of school left in the 23/24 school year. I’m simultaneously excited for each celebration of creative accomplishments and dreading saying goodbye to our incredible seniors—most of whom are ready to step into their future. I’m even a little sad to say “see you later” to our underclassmen. Collectively our students impress me a little (or a lot) every single day.

As we near time to take our well-deserved break, I urge you to get your fill on the arts-infused community vibes through one of our end of year concerts, exhibitions or events. You DO NOT need to have a kiddo performing or showing work to enjoy one of these events. Take tomorrow night, for example. We’ve doubled up so you can enjoy the Art Fest reception and awards at 5:30 then stay for the 7pm Instrumental Music Concert. Or come see an assortment of student works at our student-led Soiree Friday night (like a Talent Show and open to ALL NHS!). Next week, be impressed at the Dance Honors Concert or get floored by the Animation Festival with a special five screen spider-verse experience brought to life by the hard work of many student animators and adult set builders. The MSA community comes together to honor our MSA seniors next Friday night, June 7 and we have a really big film festival Saturday night, June 8. Phew! It’s a lot!

Kids remember—and treasure—these events. I’d go so far as to say our kids NEED these kinds of community collaborations and celebrations these days. Students are not perfect. Teachers and admin and parents make mistakes. We try and sometimes we don’t get the grade or outcome we want. Our kids have sometimes minor and sometimes serious lapses in judgment. Still, we want the same things—for our kids to work hard, to express themselves appropriately, to find joy and purpose and belonging in school and in life. The arts deliver with a strong rate of return. Our arts-infused campus sets the stage for those feel good explorations and celebrations. As we close this year, I hope we get a chance to celebrate together. Collectively, we’ve worked hard and should be proud of what we’ve accomplished.

With so much love for all parts of our communities,

Michelle Cortez


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