Yes! Your $10 Today to Support MSA Will Make a HUGE Impact!

Dear MSA Families,

It’s time to make a difference for MSA this holiday season! GIVING TUESDAY is here, and we are asking ALL families to participate so that we have 100% of our community supporting MSA’s Annual Giving Campaign! Whether you are renewing your annual giving, starting a business partnership, or kicking in a little extra to help MSA teachers buy supplies, we hope you’ll consider our $10 Tuesday campaign.

We know that all MSA families do so much to support the school, between volunteering, helping teachers, attending events and contributing to Annual Giving. THANK YOU!Helping MSA get to 100% participation is an easy way to further your support, starting now through the entire holiday season! If we can show that 100% of MSA families participate in our Annual Giving Campaign, we greatly increase our chances of securing funding from foundations and other community sponsors, AND a lot more doors will open for potential grant opportunities.

You can make a HUGE impact with only $10! Not only by helping MSA maximize all sources of funding BUT ALSO by helping your teachers buy much-needed supplies for the second half of the school year, bring the students on more field trips, and have the ability to fix an instrument or buy a new costume if needed.

Thank you for all that you do for MSA, and have a wonderful holiday season!

Jessica S. Egan
Annual Giving Campaign Lead | MSA Foundation Co-President | MSA Parent & Volunteer

P.S. Check out MSA’s Fall/Winter Season Program! You can access all linkable content and QR codes with a touch on your phone.


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