Giving Gratitude

We are so grateful to all of you for the many efforts you make every day—volunteering, helping your students, working with your teachers, and contributing when and where you can. Thank you for making MSA such a haven for all of our communities.

We know you are busy finishing up this week and preparing for festivities next week, but we wanted to remind you that Giving Tuesday is coming up on Tuesday, Nov. 28—right after our holiday break. We know we ask a lot of you throughout the year and hope that you will consider participating in our $10 Tuesday campaign.

Help us get to 100% participation starting now…OR on Giving Tuesday through the entire holiday season! It is super important to show our MSA families contribute at any level as we go out to secure grants and other community funding for MSA programs. If we can show that all MSA families participate in our Annual Giving Campaign, it increases our chances of securing funding AND a lot more doors will open for potential grant opportunities!

You can make a HUGE impact with only $10! Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy your week off.

P.S. While you are relaxing, please peruse and share MSA’s Fall/Winter Season Program! You can access all linkable content and QR codes with a touch on your phone.


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