The Word of the Week is SHOWCASE

Hello, fabulous MSA folk,

The word of the week is SHOWCASE.

Every spring, MSA pulls out all the stops to put on a show that celebrates everything we love about MSA.  This year, we’ve been scheming up ways to amplify the love in the bright light of our 20th anniversary.

To honor our past, we’re bringing in our founding director—the visionary Mark Peabody and his partner in arts amazingness Ms. Annie Hartje for the week of Showcase. We’re also tapping into legacy families whose labors built our foundation—literally and figuratively—and calling on alumni to make their way home.

We are soft bragging on MSA’s present state by roping in as many current MSA students as possible to show off their talents and charm.  They are planning all kinds of art activations  for the first part of Showcase on Saturday, April 1—an arts and music festival meets street fair with all kinds of performances and activities as well as food trucks and delicious school appropriate drinks.

In all this fun, we are building in opportunities to imagine our future. We are bringing 100 Rancho 4th and 5th graders over to try MSA on for size, challenging ourselves to try new ways to explore our creativity, and integrating inclusive practices we want to keep working on.

We need our incredible community—YOU—to help us build the hype:

  • We need a robust audience! Buy your tickets for Showcase now—and talk your people into coming with you.  Details and links to tickets below.
  • We need volunteers. With a show of this magnitude, we could use all kinds of help.  There are 100s of jobs you can complete before, during, and/or after the show.  Sign up tonight and make us all smile.
  • We need donations for gift baskets. If you are connected to cool things and services you’d like to share with our fabulous community, consider adding to our department baskets. Details here.
  • We need your artsy kids, too. To those parents who remind their kids about going to Arts Leadership Council meetings on Thursdays at lunch—we love you! We will be meeting each and every Thursday at lunch until Showcase. Students are welcome even if they missed earlier meetings. (And we give community service for the work too!) Bug your kiddo to join us!

They say it takes a village to raise a child—I’m so grateful for our artsy community that constantly and lovingly invest in our school,  program, and students.


Michelle Cortez

P.S. Let’s not wait until Showcase on April 1 to see each other—mark your calendar for Cabaret the next two weekends (it blossoms with multiple viewings!) and Open House and Words and Images next Thursday, plus the upcoming music series—check out our events calendar online. Can’t wait!


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