Hello, dear arts communities,

Against a backdrop of rolling hills, fall skies, redwood groves, and giant willow trees, a representative group of our MSA students shared their talent, love and appreciation for a supportive and generous crowd of families and arts donors. Divine Wine lived up to its name thanks to the many hands who collaborated to help our kids shine.

Every young person deserves a safe and supportive environment. As we continue to organize around school art events that draw us together across the different backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and perspectives in our region, we humbly acknowledge the daily life is not safe for all young people around the world. We feel for families and children on all sides of the terrible conflict in Israel and Gaza—and for the families close to us that are impacted by far away violence.

On Saturday, our kids sang the song Sanctuary and many of us were in tears. We hope our art is a sanctuary from what can feel like a world falling apart. Thank you for the many ways you wrap love and support* around the young people in your life.

In Community and Care,

Michelle Cortez

*This post from our NUSD Superintendent includes resources to support conversations with young people about the conflict.


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