The 100-Day Month

Hello, dear MSA Community,

October is sometimes called the 100-day month; the excitement of the beginning of the year has subsided, we’ve finished one grading period and we’re almost done with a second. The long month is filled with art events for MSA—like the joyous rock band concert last Wednesday and Big Band Dance tomorrow night—but also requires students to balance demanding creative and academic projects for their full load of classes.

This time of year, I often need to meet with students whose behavior, attendance, or grades demonstrate a need for reflection and adjustment. The MSA and NHS content staff embrace a growth mindset and appreciate imperfection – what we universally find most challenging is when students don’t show up, give up, or “quiet quit”—turning in nothing even when we see them in class every day. If this describes your kiddo, I suggest partnering directly with your student and teacher.  We all want each and every student to find success*—and even joy—at school each day. If the grade data and our observations aren’t showing success and joy, let’s work together to change things up and try a different approach.

Our wider family, alumni, and business community love hearing about our creative students and their many accomplishments. Internally, we know all those brags and wins come with some bumps and challenges along the way. Thank you for all the ways you celebrate the process AND the product.

With so much love for all parts of our communities,

Michelle Cortez

P.S. Need a little joy in your life? Join us for Big Band Dance tomorrow night!  SOOO MUCH FUN!

*Reminder to our Interdistrict Transfer (IDT) families that student success is defined with grades—no Ds or Fs; strong attendance—over 90%; and good behavior—no suspendible offenses. If your student is struggling in one of those areas, reach out to the teacher in struggling classes or me for attendance or behavior. We’re in this together!


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