Gratitude for Our Amazing MSA Community

Hello MSA Community,

Forget wind, cold, and rain—the sun came out to celebrate creativity and community Saturday afternoon. We are filled with so much gratitude for the many students, volunteers, MSA Foundation, and staff members who helped make MSA Showcase such a joyful and impactful night.

I especially loved the way parents and community members mingled with students and each other and met new friends. If you missed it, we offer a little of the Showcase experience with our Showcase Feature Film shot by Cinematic Arts students and expertly weaved together by Mr Chidel. Seriously—it’s GOOD. It represents all programs and captures the magic. I have a feeling many of you will watch it more than once.  Feel free to share and discuss amongst yourselves.:)

If you love feel-good community events, there’s more this weekend!  Tour of Novato is a community party that celebrates all our schools and students. MSA Creative Writing will be there with activities for littles and many folks in our community will be riding—see list below and consider supporting a rider at any little amount.  Collectively we make a distance!  Can’t make that one on Saturday? There’s more! We’ll be at the Mill Valley Music Festival and the Woofstock Music Festival too.

To all the ways we love on all parts of our beautiful community,

Michelle Cortez


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