End of Year Gratitude from Our MSAF Volunteer Coordinator

It is the last week of school, and I am realizing that I have been putting off writing this final Volunteer News. It is an emotional thing for me because it isn’t just the end of the school year. It is the end of a four-year journey as a parent with a current MSA/NHS student.

It has been my pleasure to be a Music Booster and serve on the MSA Foundation Board as a Volunteer Coordinator. It has been a pleasure because of Michelle Cortez and Shannon Miller, the amazing teachers and teaching artists, all the current and former MSAF Board members, and all the parent and student volunteers who always answered the call in all the best ways. MSA has enriched my son’s life in so many ways, how could it not be a pleasure to pitch in?

I couldn’t have found myself on this journey with better people or work for a better cause. I couldn’t have done this without all of you and I couldn’t be prouder of the exceptional work we have done together these past three years through extraordinarily challenging times. Thank you. Thank you for your grace, patience, flexibility, humor, and big hearts.

Please indulge me one last ask. Annika Rothbaum has agreed to lead the volunteer coordination team and she is going to need all of your help as I certainly did. Please be as generous, open-hearted, enthusiastic, and exceptionally lovely to Annika as you have been with me. Please reach out to her. Please put October 8th on your calendar for Divine Wine & Food because it takes many hands to raise money for our kids. It is also very fun.

Please also consider joining a committee or join the MSAF Board. Jump in.

Next year will be the 20th Anniversary of MSA, we will need current and alumni families to come together and help celebrate this amazing school, grow this community, and launch another fabulous 20 years.

I am looking forward to my next chapter as an alumni parent. I will cheering you all on as you continue to create magic through volunteerism in support of these deeply talented students and dedicated teachers. As an alumni parent, I hope to continue my support of MSA with other alumni parents in various ways.

I wish you all a restorative Summer with my deepest thanks.

In Deep Gratitude,
Denise Castellucci


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