School Year Wrap Up

We couldn’t wrap up the school year without sharing graduation love and a few other key celebrations.  Check out the video of our MSA grads singing the national anthem graduation speaker and/or MSA grad Alexis Grusby’s graduation speech excerpt below:

“As we each forge our own paths into the future, I hope we take the time to appreciate the
here and now: caps and gowns, friends and family, diplomas well earned. To remember where
we came from and how we’ve gotten to this moment. Cheering each other on at school rallies, a
force to be reckoned with in a sea of light blue. Attending sports senior nights to watch our
friends play their last high school game. Seeing how artists, STEM students, varsity athletes, and
an entire community of students come together in our final year here. I am an MSA student. I
am a varsity swim athlete. I am a Novato High student. And I am proud to be representing the
class of 2022. I know I won’t forget my experiences here with this class. And you won’t forget us
either. Because we’re not a class to be forgotten. Thank you.”

Whether you are a graduating family or an incoming one, I hope you see what I see: beautiful embodiments of our diverse and arts infused campus.

I’ll keep it short as we sign off for summer. MSA Foundation is sending a great newsletter packed with end-of-the-year updates later this week. (New families – if you haven’t yet opted in to MSAF communications, make sure you subscribe now at this link. Please also opt in to our MSA Directory if you’d like to connect with other MSA families to arrange a carpool.) And finally, if you are missing us over the summer, check out our gorgeous website where I’ll also post updates and musings.

With love and gratitude toward all parts of our diverse communities,

Michelle Cortez


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