Celebrating Yet Staying Present

Hello, fabulous MSA humans,

It’s only the first few weeks of May and we are already in celebration mode. This newsletter is bursting with honors and acknowledgements—from the Rita Moreno Best Overall Production awards to a LONG list of individual student honors in the Creative Youth Awards to the daily celebrations of seniors sporting their college sweatshirts to rep their next step.

As usual, we’ve got an arm stretched back celebrating past accomplishments, an arm stretched forward to exciting next steps, and we are trying to stay present—with AP tests, a Soiree this Friday evening, School Fuel this weekend. Balancing all these elements of our full lives is so much easier with supportive circles of family, friends, and well wishers. We’re grateful not only for big grand gestures but of the little things too—a wave, a smile, a little grace and teamwork when we’re problem-solving challenges.

To all the ways we support our students and each other,

Michelle Cortez

P.S. Super thanks to Lyn Merola, Lisa Pryor, Karen Goldberg and Nicola Barnaal for all their labors in hosting a fab MSA Foundation Teacher Appreciation event today and to the MSA Foundation fundraising committee for your excellent work on fun events to kick off the new year. You are appreciated!


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