Supporting Each Other’s Growth

Hello, lovely humans,

You’ve heard me say it before: MSA makes NHS an arts-infused campus.

For real! One of the most tangible and enduring symbols of the MSA impact on NHS is this year’s incredible yearbook. In honor of our 20th Anniversary, MSA Photography took on the school yearbook and integrated its conception and production into all of our photography classes this year. Facilitated by the passionate and disciplined MSA Photography teacher Brooks Fletcher, the yearbook sings of our collective diversity, interest in each other, and vibrant school culture.

Today was distribution day and there was palpable excitement as students shared access to their prized yearbooks. We love seeing students of every grade level crowd around words and images that somehow manage to capture our essence AND establish new ways to see one another. Haven’t bought one yet? Don’t worry, we bought extras!

Tomorrow we celebrate MSA seniors with our annual artsy awards ceremony at 6pm in the C4A. (We invite all to attend but want to be clear that the focus is on seniors. MSA Theatre will also hold their traditional all department/all-grade-level reflection after the C4A assembly.) We will pass out MSA senior sashes and take some time to honor our student and adult Sparky recipients as well as our wonderful MSA Sculpture and Ceramics Teacher, Sabrina Kalleen, who is retiring this year.  

I leave you this week with a few words from MSA Creative Writing senior Marguerite Marley who penned the introduction  to the yearbook titled Becoming:

“Mascara running down our faces as we move towards the people we’ll become. We’re not the same people we were but we’re far from the people we’ll be.”

With so much love and appreciation for our diverse communities and the way we support each other’s growth,

Michelle Cortez


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