Celebrating the Positive

Hello, dear MSA communities,

Returning to school this week has been such a joy. I am so grateful for the kind community and the many ways students, staff, and family have shared their care.

As we head into our Thanksgiving break, I want to share a sneak peak into our Wellness Campus Thursday video focusing on gratitude—it’s such a beautiful reflection of our whole school arts-infused culture and our gorgeous diversity.

As Ms. Shu, our math teacher/teacher wellness leader says in the intro, our brain is hard-wired for negativity, and we need to be deliberate in recognizing and celebrating the positive. When negative experiences happen in our community, this ability to balance the negative with our positive helps us develop resiliency, strength, and community coping strategies. The MSA staff stands united in our strong condemnation of recent antisemitic activities. If you missed what happened, click here for the NUSD district message and here for the way our MSA teachers provided a supportive message to their students. We are proud and united in our stand against hateful acts and appreciate all the ways students and staff work together to co-create a safe culture for all.

With so much love and gratitude for intersectional communities,

Michelle Cortez


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