We Need You at Divine Wine & Food


Divine Wine needs parent and student volunteers for our LIVE AUCTION where we auction off amazing items and have a paddle raise for funds to benefit our MSA programs that our kids love.

  • As a Spotter, you will be in the audience looking for guests to put up their bid numbers. You will call out the bid numbers for the auctioneer and scribe.
  • We need someone to be scribe writing down bid numbers.
  • We also need a runner. A runner takes the bid sheets and takes them over to Guest Check out for processing. You will be in the thick of it and it is a fun volunteer opportunity that helps the MSA Foundation raise serious funds. Join the LIVE AUCTION TEAM!


We are also looking for volunteers to help with the following:

  • Food Prep & Service
  • Wine Setup & Service
  • Sparkling Wine & Ice Assistance
  • Tech Crew, Muscle Crew, Clean-Up Crew
  • Green Room Monitors (we don’t have anyone to help with this right now, and it’s crucial for our students!)
  • Guest Services Check out/Check-in, and more.



Q: Do we have to buy tickets if we are volunteering?
A: The answer is yes and no. If you are just donating and dropping off donations, we would ask you to also purchase a ticket if you would like to join us for the event. If you are working a one or more shifts, you may voluntarily purchase a ticket, but we will NOT REQUIRE you to buy a ticket. Your work is your ticket.

Q: How do I get a bidding number to participate in the raffle or auction if I do not purchase a ticket?

A: To get your volunteer bidding number, you can go to Guest Check-in and ask for a bidding number after 4pm.


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