Students Engage, Lead, Love

Hello, dear MSA communities,

We convened our first MSA Student Arts Council meeting on Tuesday and over 60 students showed up with representation from every discipline and every grade level. Students are eager to engage and demonstrate their leadership and love for our communities.

One of the things we discussed is community agreements to set brave space especially for our big collaborations like Divine Wine and Big Band Dance. With student input, we will try on these shared guidelines for upcoming events:

  • Words matter. I will remain respectful of others and NOT use language that can offend, hurt or “other” peers.
  • Actions matter. I will make room for all artists and create a welcoming environment for all.
  • Listening matters. I will follow directions from faculty, staff and volunteers working at an event.
  • Boundaries matter. I will follow the rules of the event by honoring “off limits” areas and being respectful of shared spaces.

Students are not only agreeing to these statements but also to give back to the adults who support them—not just their parents but the whole wide supportive community that makes up MSA. I am so impressed with our young artists. You will be too when you see them next. Please consider clicking to participate by volunteering or buying tickets to the Divine Wine (it will sell out!). Let’s be impressed together!

Warmly, Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal

P.S. Kudos to our MSA Theatre Arts boosters—I loved meeting with you all last weekend. Talk about impressive planning and teamwork!


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