Time to spread the MSA love

Hello dear MSA communities,

It’s the time of year to SHARE THE LOVE.

We felt all kinds of love of the arts at auditions last weekend – from prospective students and families, current MSA student and parent volunteers, and from teachers who interviewed and auditioned nervous applicants who mostly left with big, comfortable smiling eyes.

Time to spread the MSA love 1Time to spread the MSA love 2







I’m also noticing all the love teachers are pouring into preparing for their classes, giving students feedback, and planning for upcoming events like Young Frankenstein in March and Showcase in April. Check out Mr. Fletcher’s careful prep of his room and an exciting photo/creative writing collaboration below.

Time to spread the MSA love 3

Time to spread the MSA love 4







Finally, we hope MSA families and communities might share YOUR LOVE in one or more ways: 1) Investing 15 minutes by taking the Youth Truth family survey and perhaps including reflections on your MSA experience; 2) Attending the NHS PTSA meeting Thurs, Feb 3rd at 7pm to hear our NUSD Superintendent talk about the budget next year; and/or 3) showing up at an upcoming event.

Time to spread the MSA love 5

Time to spread the MSA love 6

None of us can do all of it but every little bit of engagement helps us all feel the love.

With unconditional love and gratitude for our diverse, talented communities, Michelle


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