MSA Cine Student Film Goes Viral

MSA Cinematic Arts junior Kane Parsons is “making some noise” on the Internet (and that may be the grandest understatement of the year)! That’s because Kane’s gone viral—his personal Youtube channel has racked up over 400,000 subscribers (!) and his latest short film, The Backrooms, has more than 9 million views in two weeks!

The analog horror video is based on the meme that became a vast alternate reality known as the Backroom on the internet—a vast virtual scape of yellow wallpapered hallways where people become more infinitely lost through a series of levels. (We had to Google this one!)

“The video is astonishingly good and it is truly scary:  there’s no gore or cheap scares, just pure pulse-pounding suspense for 9 minutes. It is not only a grand showcase for Kane’s spectacular visual effects work but also a stellar example of storytelling, tapping into an established audience’s expectations giving them something fresh, original, and vibrant,” Cine Arts Teacher Philip Chidel says.
Click to watch—warning! If you don’t want to be scared, don’t watch it!

Kane will post new Backrooms videos as he sharpens his skills and heeds the calls of professionals (and they are indeed calling!). If you’d like to support his efforts, he has a donation page, and subscribe to his Youtube Channel as well.

Kudos to Kane from all of us at MSA! 


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