MSAF Board Member Spotlight-Jessica Egan

One of my favorite things about being an MSA parent is going to MSA events. Attending an MSA event is like attending a concert, a musical, a poetry reading, a dance recital, and a museum exhibit all in one evening. The depth and breadth of what MSA students create is astounding, and whether they are performing in the community, or on the MSA campus you can see the students happily thriving.

I am Jessica Egan a parent of a 9th grader in the Music department; both Jazz and Rock Band. The musicians in the program are a close-knit community of engaged and talented students. The four grades are mixed in the various bands, which leads to great friendships and learning experiences. Watching them perform on campus and at venues off-campus is fun and inspiring. I am in awe of the extraordinary dedication and talent of the faculty and teaching artists, who inspire the students to lean into their craft and teach them how to harness their many talents.

I felt inspired to give back to the MSA community, so I joined the Board and am working on the Annual Giving Campaign. I could see right away that adequate funding directly impacts the resources available to each department, and I wanted to help. I learned that the strong parent community is part of what makes the school so special. And being able to actively help my son and his peers make the most of their MSA experience has been very rewarding.

MSA is a gem; our family has been a part of the MSA community for only 6 months and we already feel very attached, and our son has been thrilled with his experience since Day 1. If you haven’t yet had a chance to attend a live performance, I highly recommend it. MSA performances are a great way to see and connect with what is happening in the performing arts programs. You will leave feeling inspired and proud to be a part of the MSA community.



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