Senior Projects Demonstrate Shared Values

Hello dear MSA communities,

Do you ever get the feeling that you are in a time loop with little impact on others around you? You know, that parent feeling when you repeat yourself and doubt anyone really hears you?

Sometimes it feels like that at the start of the school day when I say “Good morning!” fifty times in the hallways but only 10 kiddos say it back. It could be the mask muffling me or unseen noise cancelling ear buds. You get the drift.

But then you see something like this:

Senior Projects Demonstrate Shared Values 1

The picture above depicts one of our student bathrooms. What you are seeing is the product of two seniors – Kendall Barger and Madelyn Moran in NHS’ other specialized program Medical Careers Pathway – and the start of their senior project. Both got design and work approval over the winter break but I forgot about their project (I can’t blame memory cancelling brain buds – just middle age.). So when I saw the doors, it was like 40 “good mornings” catching up.

I talk ad nauseam of our developing wellness campus and how creative outlets help ALL of our young people express their best selves and communicate and support one another. These sweet bathroom doors are evidence that these ideas are more than talk – they are values and actions shared by the young people we serve.

To all the ways we lift each other up and show we are listening. . .

With love,
Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal


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