Support, Participate, Celebrate!

Thank you for all you’ve done to make this 20th anniversary year such a success! We couldn’t (and we can’t) do it without you. Every volunteer hour, every donated item, every dollar—they all count and make a difference!

However, our job never ends. While supportive of MSA, Novato Unified School District is only able to cover the costs of facilities and teacher salaries. The MSA Foundation provides resources and funding, beyond what is financed by the public school district, to support, enhance and sustain the quality of arts education for all Novato High School and Marin School of the Arts students.

As MSA’s exceptional program continues to grow, excel, and inspire, we continue to look to our MSA community to support in any way possible. Your donation of any size really does help us in our mission to innovate and support a quality arts education experience for all MSA and NHS students.

Below are just a few ways to help us:

  1. Support MSA through School Fuel’s Tour of Novato. Go to any participant’s donation page to help their efforts. Every donation goes directly to MSA! Or you can register to participate and set up your own donation page. The Tour starts May 13, so all participants need to register and all donations need to be counted before then!
  2. Make your mark with a legacy plaque in the Center for the Arts. Celebrate 20 years of MSA with this rare opportunity to name your seat (only through June)—a great way to honor a graduate, teacher or mentor; highlight a business; commemorate a milestone; or give a unique gift to a loved one. We do not know when we will offer this opportunity again.
  3. Contribute to our annual giving campaign as a business or as an individual or family. Learn more about your options here. We strive for 100% participation from our MSA families at whatever level is comfortable for each household, with both monthly and one-time options for your convenience.

We truly appreciate all you do for our students and our award-winning public arts program. And thank you for celebrating this special year with us!


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