PTSA Staff Appreciation

It’s that time of year when everyone could use a little REFRESH and APPRECIATION!  

The PTSA needs your help! Embrace the ease and convenience of helping the PTSA refresh some important mid-year school supplies, and/or help host a February Staff Appreciation luncheon in one of the following ways:

OPTION 1:  With a simple click of a button, use the Amazon Wishlist link to purchase and refresh important school supplies for staff and students.

(Choose the option to have the supplies delivered directly to the “NHS School Supply Refresh” address at checkout, and the Hospitality Team will organize and disperse all the supplies for you.)

OPTION 2:  Let us do the shopping for you! Make a “One-time” donation for any amount, via the PTSA PayPal link below, and we’ll purchase requested supplies in bulk, taking advantage of volume pricing. (Please note your donation is for the “School Supply Refresh” when completing your transaction.) 

OPTION 3:  If you’d like to help in-person, please sign up to volunteer your time, a delicious dish or bring a wishlist item to the February 12th Appreciation Luncheon, using this link:

Every little bit helps!  Thank you for your contributions!


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