Building on Creativity—Alumni Family Launches Student Fund

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Happy soggy Wednesday, creative communities!

We’re still talking about opportunities, experiences, and the power of community dialogue this week.

The panel today during sixth period shared advice on ways students can explore their passions and interests leveraging ongoing and new resources.  MSA teachers Phil Chidel and Brooks Fletcher talked about their experience with our partner, Academy of Arts University.  We are blessed with two four year AAU Presidential Scholarships to distribute to graduating seniors.  We encouraged undecided artsy seniors to check out their stellar offerings and younger students to look at their TUITION FREE pre-college offerings available in a spring session starting Feb 17th and another summer session.

The alumni parent Elizabeth Nielsen also introduced her family’s new Opportunities and Experiences Fund. MSA students can request funding to overcome financial barriers to explore things like lessons, college visits, workshops, and internship hidden costs. Tremendous gratitude to Elizabeth and our teachers for carving out time to empowering our young creative kids and their future. Below are QR to the resources we shared today. Links are here for AAU programs and the Opportunities and Experiences Fund Application.

Building on Creativity—Alumni Family Launches Student Fund 1

Earlier this week, MSA theatre provided an authentic Shakespeare experience with several free daytime performances of their one-act version of Midsummer Nights Dream to over 400 NHS students from English classes. After a rocky performance, we regrouped and positively addressed audience barriers to understanding and enjoying the bard’s complex story. Our reset worked! I’m proud of the way our actors persisted and used the challenge as an opportunity to sharpen their own skills—and prepare for one of their own favorite experiences—the Lenaea Theatre Festival in Folsom this weekend. Wish them luck and joy!

We also focus on community dialogue with an ask to all of you. Please consider taking time to take our Youth Truth family survey and share your thoughts on all things NHS and MSA – its open NOW. Constructive feedback and sincere compliments welcome as we constantly do our best to listen, share, commit to growth and evolution. The link is

With so much appreciation for all the ways we work together to creatively support our kiddos,

Michelle Cortez


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