Humbled and Proud of Showcase Comes Home

We did it! MSA Showcase CAME Home last weekend!  I’m humbled and proud of the tremendous effort it took from students, teachers, volunteers, techies, and guests to pull off the hybrid event.

In honor of MSA Showcase Comes Home, instead of reading a message from me this week, spend a few minutes doing one of the following INSPIRING ACTIVITIES focusing on student performance and exhibitions and loving on our communities.

  1. If you attended the MSA Showcase Comes Home event on campus or virtual, visit or revisit the online program here to see cast lists and descriptions.
  2. If you missed MSA Showcase Comes Home, don’t worry, you can attend virtually by perusing our playlist list here.
  3. If you wonder who is noticing our work around Marin, check out the testimonial from Mary Jane Burke.
  4. Or if you want to check out everyday amazingness, click on the great video of our vocal students working with a guest artist from the Navajo Nation.

With gratitude for the ways we love on our communities and show up for each other in many ways,
Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal


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