Virtual Showcase Comes Home

Welcome Message from the director

Whether you are here on campus for the journey or you are watching the inspiring collaborations from your home, we are so excited to welcome you back to MSA—to Showcase Comes Home.

Rock Band

During remote learning, our MSA rock stars built the capacity to flexibly work in different configurations to record and mix their songs. But nothing beats playing together.

Creative Writing & Photography

MSA is all about inspirational collaborations across programs, and here we have highlighted our “Photo Stories,” where the photographers’ images have inspired the writers’ words.

Jazz Studies

What do musicians do during a lock down? Practice on their own, of course. Back together again this spring, the students insisted on a big band approach to MSA Showcase Comes Home.

Drawing & Painting
Ceramics & Classical Piano

As an extension of their “Bare With Me” art project, students invite you to share some of the weighty emotions they carry as artists to this collaborative artwork.

Classical Music

Our classical MSA students had a challenging year not being able to rehearse together, but you wouldn’t know by seeing and listening to this beautiful wind and brass ensemble led by Matthew Verplaetse.


After researching frequencies, MSA Dance asks and answers the question of how we can send energetic ripples from our bodies out into the space to be felt and witnessed by the audience.

Product Design

Emphasizing creative problem solving, MSA students learn the design thinking process and apply it in many ways—from expressing personal interests to solving everyday problems.


Smack dab in the middle of our NHS campus home, MSA actors embrace the traditions of theatre in the park.

Digital Arts

Technology and artistic expression are inextricably intertwined in our digital artists’ work—memorable settings and animations, characters, and video game landscapes.


Rather than dwell on the limitations of remote choir practice, students invested in creating a safe space and dialogue for exploring the big human questions embedded in choral music.

Cinematic Arts

Cinematic Arts: Bringing imagination and emotion to life through the unique expressive quality of the visual language.

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