Vocal Music Explores Navajo Culture

MSA Vocal Music has spent the past month learning about Navajo culture and song from recording and performing artist Talibah Begay who Zoomed with MSA vocalists from the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.

“We were so excited to begin this journey as we desperately wanted to understand indigenous culture in an authentic, musical way,” vocal teacher Amanda Addleman shares. “Our students spent the time asking questions about the culture and learning about everything from Navajo ceremonies, to what colonialism really looks like for the original habitants and stewards of this country. Talibah has opened our eyes and hearts to Navajo culture and has sparked a desire to grow even more in our students.”

Enjoy the premiere performance of Talibah’s original song during the MSA Spring Virtual Concerts, June 1 and June 2.  More information is coming soon.


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