Growth & Collaboration

Hello MSA good people,

Community growth and collaboration can feel full and satisfying—and sometimes a little chaotic.

Last weekend we had so much going on. A fabulous sculpture and ceramics opening in the gallery, the excellent Words and Music performances on the C4A stage, and a cool and inclusive swath of our jazz instrumentalists and vocalists off to the Folsom Festival. This week, I’m running around to capture our artist scholars in both their MSA and academic classes, kicking off our new Wellness Wednesdays at lunch, and heading to the Lenaea Festival with MSA Theatre.

We couldn’t do all these projects and performances without collaboration and a growth mindset. It’s not about perfection but about doing our best and putting ourselves out there. We also couldn’t do it all without FAMILY and COMMUNITY support.

Thank you for all the ways you do your best to support our creative kiddos. We love you!


Michelle Cortez


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