Growing Intentions in 2024

Hello, MSA Friends,

Happy New Year!

New years resolutions may or may not be your thing, but call it what you will, I LOVE a fresh start. The beginning of a new year and a new semester provides the opportunity to not only create new resolutions but also to recommit to personal intentions and actions that make us feel like our best selves.

I recommit to the three values that are the foundation to my purpose as an educator: creativity, wisdom, and unconditional love. MSA is the perfect place for me to work because our sweet arts program is infused with these same three principles. This year, I intend to water and nurture our program into a growth spurt sprouting from these foundations and expanding our reach toward kids who haven’t yet cultivated their creative side. We want everyone to exercise their creative muscles—parents too!

If you have thought about getting a little more involved in MSA events and planning, we’d love to identify a group of family members to join a short-term committee to organize and implement our ultimate love letter to all things MSA, our Spring Showcase. Committee members share their own creativity and wisdom to put on an event that exemplifies the best of MSA. This year in particular, the process will be peppered with opportunities to be our thought partners on our strategic planning process to grow MSA into the inclusive creative community we envision for ourselves. New year, new intentions and resolutions, perhaps a new “creativity” working committee? See details here.

With so much love for our diverse communities,

Michelle Cortez


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