Feeling the Love, Sharing the Art

Hello, lovely humans,

Let’s keep talking about love!

Campus was dripping with love today with our annual NHS Valentine’s traditions: a heart with every single students name on it affixed to the cafe windows, lunch time marriage and Valentine’s games and greetings, and, this year, inclusive efforts to show the love to all parts of our student body via Black History Month celebrations integrated into the love fest.

In our creative community, love has many expressions—and we certainly are expressive!

MSA Cinematic Arts Pretty Big Film Festival Tuesday night provided an opportunity for students to share their striking visual narratives exploring relationships between teens (lots of those—go figure!), a grandparent and grandson, societal connections, and internal relationships with our identity, purpose, and passion. What a Valentine by, to, for, and with our creative kids!

Check out a few stills from the film fest (pictured) and more news of our students feeling the love in arts contests and festivals last week in Shannon’s articles.

Feeling the Love, Sharing the Art 1

This year, MSA extends the season of love with a later date for the ultimate love letter to all things MSA—Showcase 2024. This event features students in every department at every grade level and celebrates our shared vision and accomplishments for the year. We’re booked for the lovely Jonas Center right here in Novato for May 4th—see details here.

Thank you for all the ways you love on our sweet kids and our intersectional communities,

Michelle Cortez


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