Collaborative Goodness

Hello MSA good people,

We’ve got all kinds of collaborative efforts and adjustments on our plate these days.

Our annual love fest to all things MSA, Showcase, takes on ambitious proportions for our 20th anniversary so we need all the help we can get. Parents—please talk your kids into attending our MSA Student Leadership Meeting tomorrow at lunch. Kids will be signing up for all kinds of projects that are fun and count for community service. It’s at lunch tomorrow (Thurs, Feb 9) in the Center for the Arts.

We are also seeking parent input in a variety of ways. If you haven’t already done so, please carve out 15 minutes TONIGHT to do two things:

  1. Fill out the NUSD Intent to Return Form – the district needs every family to let them know if you’ll be returning next so they can plan staffing accordingly. So far only 59% of our NHS  families have filled it out. Click HERE to let the district know! (And don’t worry about the Feb 1 deadline—we need to know from EVERY family)
  2. Take the NHS Parent Youth Truth Survey! I coordinate this effort and annually pour over the results from our major three stakeholder groups—students, teachers, and parents. Your voice and opinion matters! Please consider sharing how MSA has made an impact on your kiddo. We will share results later in the spring and use feedback to shape our plan for next year. Click here to access the family survey.

Good things happen when we communicate, work toward a common goal, and prioritize the needs of our young people. That goodness was abundantly clear last weekend hanging out MSA Theatre families and students at the Lenaea Festival in Folsom. Our actors SHINED and moved us to heartfelt tears. Howard Gersh, MSA Digital Arts teacher AND MSA Theatre dad, was so moved he bought all the kids their dinner—on his own birthday! Mutual appreciation was the tone all weekend long.

Thank you for all the ways you do your best to support our creative kiddos and deepen the tone and melody and chorus of gratitude across our diverse campus.  We love you!


Michelle Cortez


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