Artsy Good Vibes

Hello, fabulous artsy community,

Last weekend, MSA teachers and students welcomed our prospective students on campus for auditions. We had several MSA parent volunteers and MSA alumni on hand to help everyone feel at home.

It’s inspiring to see the past, present, and future of MSA working together to shape the MSA experience in years to come. Especially those new parents—I loved spending time with them waiting in the library when their kiddos were off to interviews and getting comfortable in their likely new high school comfort zones.

MSA folk come together for the arts yet the palpable feeling of collaboration and kindness create communities that nurture our young people. What a worthy way investment of our time, energy, and support!

Check out the calendar for more opportunities to seep in the artsy good vibes.


Michelle Cortez

P.S. Break a leg, jazz musicians at Folsom. And can’t wait to see you, actors, at Words and Music. Friday bonus—come early for a gallery opening then stay for Romeo and Juliet!

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