Season of Recruiting and Selecting

Hello, dear MSA communities,

I LOVE recruiting season—sharing MSA and NHS with prospective students and families allows me to see our students, staff, classes, and systems with fresh eyes and helps remind me of the awesomeness we do.

So far this year, we have led 17 MSA tours on campus and taken the show on the road for 5 middle school presentations. In addition to meeting lovely prospective new students and families, we have been busy recruiting internally and helping existing students consider adjustments to their programs and classes next year. Today MSA students came out in force as leaders answering questions about their programs at a timely lunch time Class Selection Fair.

I’m not only proud of the inclusive and welcoming way MSA students invited their peers to join their MSA programs, I am also impressed by the way our artsy kiddos showed up to encourage one another to consider other rigorous course options like Advanced Placement English and Math. We love our arts AND we value the whole high school experience—content classes and all.

My friends, we are in such good hands with the youth of today. They are curious, generous, hopeful, multi-talented, and a pleasure to be around.  As our students think about next year and the classes they want to take, let’s mirror their enthusiasm and support them in weighing the pros and cons when they are undecided.  When we’re not sure how to guide them, lets remind each other that we can always phone a friend because, in our strong communities, someone is bound to have some solid advice.

With so much love and gratitude for our diverse communities,

Michelle Cortez

P.S. Reminder that current 9th grade Course Selection forms are due tomorrow. Current 10th graders will meet with counselors next Monday, Dec 5th with an optional family zoom Tuesday night, Dec 6th at 6pm. Current juniors will meet individually with counselors in Jan.  See Whats the Buzz for more details!

P.P.S. Also remember that Shannon handles MSA scheduling and counselors handle academic class scheduling. Don’t worry—the team works together to create schedules that reflect your kiddos wants and needs.

P.P.P.S. Giving Tuesday kicked off our Annual Giving Campaign yesterday. Thank you for considering a gift of any amount—and thank you to our volunteers for personal text message reminders. What an amazing community we have!


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