Works in Progress

Hello, Dear MSA Communities,

We are balancing many emotions and responses right now—holding the horrific national news; honoring and celebrating our students – especially our sweet departing seniors; and leveraging this time as ripe for reflection, planning, and growth.

What we know and commit to: School should be a safe and often joyous place for all our students to learn about themselves and the world, to be creative and problem solving, and to connect with both their peers AND their identities, purposes and passions.

In the last seven days, our Wellness Week and Wellness Fair helped us amplify student voices on mental health topics—it was infused with art projects and activities. Prom happened despite huge last-minute challenges and thanks to our communities coming together to find solutions. And students prepared final projects, performances, and papers to end the school year with strong marks. Those accomplishments—and the beautiful smiles of our students in their element—help us find the courage and strength to carry on despite sadness, disappointment, and mistakes.

Thank you for your role in supporting students and MSA this year. We espouse a growth mindset as continual “works in progress” and we appreciate all aspects of our communities so much.

With love in the all the mess,

Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal

P.S. Double check to be sure you have marked your calendar for our Thursday, June 2 combined MSA Town Hall #4 and MSA Senior Awards Night.  We’ll reflect together, celebrate our awesome seniors, and preview what’s in store for our 20th Anniversary next year.  We’ll be in person in the C4A – current families, don’t miss it!


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