MSA Student Artists Shine at Creative Youth Awards

Over two dozen MSA students were recognized this month in the 2nd annual Creative Youth Awards (CYA). MSA artists were chosen from among 558 student entries in six categories including Creative Writing, Film, Music Composition, Music Performance, Photography, and Visual Art.

Founded by the Bay Area Creative Foundation to foster artistic expression and creativity in high school studentsin, last year’s innaugural celebration included 200 student participants with more than $17,000 in awards given.. CYA Artists receive expert feedback, recognition and awards as they develop and share creative projects.

Congratulations to all participants!

MSA winners include:

Josette McBride ’22
Booker Wegner ’22
Alexis Grusby’ 22
Manisha Murthy ’23
Ethan Ramm ’24
Sarah Pryor ’24
Aleshka McPretl ’24
Cosette Spargur ’23
Katherine Boyle’ 24
Olivia Ojeda ’23
Sophia DeMoe ’25
Alexis Weiss ’23
Amanda Ross ’23
Aurora Hallal ’23
Cade Palmer ’24
Hanna Guyer ’25
Marguerite Marley ’22
Megan Wien ’24
Meimi Curtis ’22
Scarlett Lemieux ’23
Clark Schutz ’23
Madhava Bramandam ’24

Oliver McCallum Keeler 23
Alysha Lee 24
Blane Solis ’24
Gabby Waxler ’25
Taffy A

Hannes Gerber ’22
Alysha Lee ’24
Henry Greber ’23
Shelby Wise ’25
Taye Anand ’23
Blane Solis ’23

Henry Greber ’23 (4 awards!)
Zach Lee ’22
Blane Solis ’23
Logan Burrell ’23 (2 awards!)

Tessa Baggiolini ’24
Shelby Wise ’24
Arryn Barnaal ’24
Emily Everson ’24
Erin Callaway ’24
Johana Valencia Reynoso ’24
Kevin S
Laisha R
Marley Chinapen ’24
Ronan Garrett ’24
Walter Brill ’23
Brenda Wangui ’22
Bella Dodds ’23
Shay Gernhardt ’22
Mason Reoch ’22


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