Always Grateful

Hello, dear MSA communities,

Today’s newsletter captures some of the sweetness and celebration of our Showcase event last Saturday.

Thank you to those who were able to join and share in the love fest for MSA. We are deeply grateful for the many ways our communities came together to make the night a (huge!) success. For those who weren’t able to join us, we missed you, AND don’t worry—there are several other awesome opportunities to connect and see our talented students perform. Please see the upcoming events calendar here.

Whether you attended or not, we invite our entire community to click here to see the Showcase video created by MSA Cinematic Arts—it’s excellent and heartwarming and worth multiple views. I promise!

While Showcase was a sweet accomplishment, I walk around and see all of this great work happen on and off campus every day and think, WOW, we are so lucky. For example, I hear our classical instrumental music groups practice daily so I was both proud yet unsurprised to hear of recent top honors at the CMEA festival. And cleaning up and putting things away after Showcase, I am impressed with the ongoing work that didn’t make it into the show Saturday night. The MSA experience is punctuated with incredible heartfelt events that are awesome and yet ordinary—the day-to-day work is just as sweet.

Always grateful for our supportive, loving families, students, and communities,

Michelle Cortez


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