20th Anniversary Celebrations

Hello, fabulous MSA communities,

MSA Founders Mark Peabody and Annie Hartje are in the house this week for our 20th Anniversary celebration events.

Today almost 400 MSA students assembled for Office Hours to hear the two share MSA’s creation story along with founding teacher Dana Tamura, visiting alumni, and our current/founding MSA principal Rey Mayoral. It was such a pleasure to hear them talk about how creative disciplines change our way of thinking to become better overall problem solvers, and how they closely listened to community needs to shape MSA’s foundations. After the talk, students flocked to Peabody and Hartje to learn more and soak in their wisdom.

All throughout campus this week, a palpable excitement permeates the halls as we gear up for Showcase this Saturday. We focus on the creativity and artist within all of us by turning to whole school communications and spirit days each day this week. If you haven’t already seen this week’s video announcements, check out the Artist of the Week segment here and some of the clever ways students dressed up for our creativity themed spirit days below.

Finally, I look forward to seeing many of you at Showcase this Saturday, April 1st. Mark, Annie, and many alumni will be there, and we hope you will too. The festival is going to be engaging and participatory and the stage show will thoroughly impress you. There are just a few All Access and Festival tickets left. Tonight might be your last chance to join the celebration.

With so much love and gratitude for our creative (and BUSY) communities,

Michelle Cortez


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