Highlights from an Unusual Year

It’s hard to believe that there are just six more days of school left in this unprecedented, unpredictable, mixed bag of a school year. I am in love with the way we are showing off our creativity and our inter-sectional communities this week with several different events including MSA end of semester performances and exhibitions (see events listings).

Highlights from an Unusual Year 1 Highlights from an Unusual Year 2

As you can see from the snapshots of daily MSA campus life above, it’s all about the love and appreciation these days.  No matter the grade level, there is a palpable feeling of “we’ve made it – together!”

We also know that there are still projects to finish, tests to take, and competing events vying for our time and attention but our communities are gently making accommodations and offering participation in multiple ways – a theme I hope we keep for the future.  (Point in case:  If you missed the jazz choir and jazz bands concert last night, we’ll be posting the recording soon.)

I hope we cross paths at one of the upcoming shows or exhibitions this week.  And look out for details on what to expect over the summer and next year in the next Wednesday newsletter.  Until then, all kinds of love to you and yours!

Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal


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