Best week of the year

Its always gratifying to plan and attend end of term performances and exhibitions; the satisfaction this year set a whole new precedent.

After 3 virtual shows, 2 days of Art Fest exhibitions, 1 outdoor film festival, and 2 dance performances, I am tickled pink with the quality of the work and the way our communities came together to celebrate creativity and collaboration.

Phil Chidel and the Cinematic Department put on one incredible night of student film-making.  I was struck by the way connection and wellness naturally developed as a theme across the night.  Check out the film festival here.

Best week of the year 1 Best week of the year 2

On Saturday, MSA Dance took over the back of the Center for the Arts space for two shows.  The choreography and costumes impressed all of us and inspired me to think metaphorically about how we move together as a community – in unison and on our own.

Best week of the year 3 Best week of the year 4

Seeing students and families in person after a year of zoom in a creative context?  Best week of the year.  I’m looking forward to more fabulous weeks of art and community in the fall.   – Michelle


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