What a Year!

Hello, Lovely Humans,

What a year! As we’ve reflected on the last ten months in culminating performances and events for all our programs, we’ve noted how meaningful it’s felt to return to a full year of high school AND a special year celebrating 20 years becoming MSA.

In each event, a fractal of the whole, we see engaged students calling more of the shots and shaping our collective arts-infused school experience. We see students leaders like 2023 MSA Sparky recipient, Riley Geraghty, share the limelight and the responsibility in ever more collaborative structures. He reminds us that what makes a great leader is someone who listens, who models the way, and who invests in planning and relationships.

There are so many generous and creative student artists at MSA. In this second to last MSA Newsletter of the 22/23 school year (one more next week!), we celebrate ALL our MSA seniors, our Art Fest winners, and remind our incoming and continuing families to set yourself up for community engagement by OPTING IN to the carpool community lists below.

We also share our Aug/Sept calendar to get you excited about what’s to (be)come.

With so much love for all parts of our incredible community AND to our beloved departing seniors,

Michelle Cortez


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