Celebrate, Honor and Savor

This is a week to celebrate the present and to honor our seniors.

Celebrating the present is all about pausing and being thankful for our communities’ resilience, patience, trust, risk-taking, and creativity. I was reminded this week that it’s not all about next year and normalcy. We need to stay focused on the remainder of this academic year and savor the journey our kids have been through together. We celebrate the present moment and our accomplishments in our series of end-of-year performances next week. The end-of-year performances and exhibitions are testaments to new skills we learned this year—learning how to record and edit and collaborating in new ways. We are proud to share how we have learned to document our process and our product in a medium that requires executive functioning skills and a growth mindset.

Celebrating the present is also about sticking with today’s challenges and opportunities. Not moving too fast into the future but savoring our time together now. Enjoy the “creative now” with us by registering for tickets—even if your child is not in the presenting department. One awesome thing about virtual? Unlimited capacity! And for Art Fest, dance, and cinematic arts, it’s in person but limited capacity. Please forgive us if tickets run out.:)

Celebrating seniors is a joyful and sweet effort. Though things may look a little different this year, we are weaving in old MSA senior traditions in new ways. Of course, all MSA seniors will receive their MSA sashes—that won’t change. MSA seniors will also be celebrated by their department. But this year, those recognitions will be facilitated by teachers in end-of-the-year performances and exhibitions next week with the exception of our all-MSA Sparky award, which will be announced in the NHS Senior Award Night video. MSA figures prominently in the NHS graduation ceremony in ways I hope all seniors and senior families will appreciate, too.

Michelle Cortez
MSA Director/NHS Assistant Principal


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