The Last Stretch

Hello fabulous MSA humans,

Have you seen the NHS lib dub yet? Multi-talented student Hannes Greber (MSA Cinematic Arts filmmaker, athlete-scholar, great friend, and son) tackled this school-wide school video for his senior project last month, coordinating students and staff in a one cut spirited romp through campus.

There are so many things to love about this project. Watching it you get a sense of our school culture—Novato High shines in all its inclusive, fun, multi-faceted, somewhat complex, and mostly heart-felt aspects. You can see MSA programs sharing space with academics and athletics and student clubs. That’s so us! And yet this short little video took a ton of effort and focus and planning. There were uncomfortable moments and challenges and changes throughout the process. Hannes needed help with this ambitious undertaking, and he got it. Pursuing excellence requires us to stretch and collaborate and compromise.  But working through the discomfort is worth it when we accomplish something great. Hannes, hats off to you! We are so proud of your hard work, perseverance, and achievement. Check the video out here.

The last stretch of this school year can feel a little like a lib dub for some of us. There are all kinds of things going on—especially for seniors—and students are balancing assignments, test grades, friends, events, and big, sometimes uncomfortable emotions. Parents, we can help out by staying connected. Read this newsletter every Wednesday and What’s the Buzz every Sunday. Reach out to teachers, counselors, or me and Shannon if you have questions or concerns, or join us in one of many upcoming events. Community members, you can wish our kids well too by staying engaged—see our latest events here. We accomplish great, joyful, ambitious projects and balance the many aspects of our artsy lives when we stretch, collaborate, compromise, work hard, and decide YES, WE CAN.

To our collective can-do spirit,

Michelle Cortez


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