The Holiday Magic Continues!

The Holiday Magic Continues! 1MSA and NHS students perform January 6 & 7 in Marin Dance Theatre’s Sophie and the Enchanted Toyshop in the Center for the Arts featuring Alysha Lee (Leadership, ’24) as Sarah Mop Top, Masque Player, Snow Ribbon, Jinx, and Maggie the Marionette, Chantel Thielenhaus (MCP, ’26) as Tambourine Woman, Snow Dancer, Mop Finale, Felicity,  and Temple Dancer, Charlotte Metschan (Dance, Drawing & Painting, ’27) as Mop Finale, Temple Dancer, Raggedy Andy, and Dresden Doll, Kiran Lisker (Dance, Cinematic Arts, ’27) as Sophie Cousin, Cat Catcher, Jingle, and Czardas and Magnolia Dearborn (Dance, Drawing & Painting, ’27) as Mop Finale, Tambourine Woman, Raggedy Ann, Czardas, and Dresden Doll.



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