Teamwork, Practice, Feedback & Adjustment

Hello, MSA Community,

Sincere sustained effort, multi-tiered teamwork, and growth achieved through practice, feedback and adjustment: these ingredients move me. And these ingredients define the MSA experience—and especially our MSA musical theatre productions.

Tonight, I am watching the full dress rehearsal of Follies. There are some many impressive aspects—the incredible talent of the singers and dancers, the collaborative process across adult and student groups to create the sets, assemble the costumes and light our massive stage and giant cast. The exciting choreography, the vocal and acting coaching—all together these elements result in a magical alchemy.

I share with you gorgeous photos captured in the last few weeks by parent Michael Pringle through a new Instagram msabackstage. These portraits share a little bit of the process that creates the magic.

Please do yourself a favor and book your tickets for Follies. It’s such a labor of creative love. The storyline is sophisticated and complex, featuring artsy folks reflecting (and singing and dancing) about their relationships with each other and with their youthful versus mature sense of self.

I’m so grateful for the wide community that supports our students in exploring their youthful identity now. And I hope we cross paths at one (or more!) of the run of this spectacular show.


Michelle Cortez


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