MSA Class Schedules for 2023-24

It’s the time of year when students are requesting classes for next school year. Here’s how scheduling for MSA classes works. MSA classes are not included in Aeries as courses that can be requested because they are scheduled separately based on previous approved placement and/or auditions as determined by each program’s faculty.
Here’s MSA scheduling works:

  • All MSA classes are scheduled by Shannon, not by NHS counselors;
  • MSA students do not need to reapply/audition to continue in their current MSA classes;
  • Students interested in a new program do need to request the change in the MSA Recommitment form shared by their current MSA teachers;
  • After requesting new program Shannon will email to detail next steps; most new programs will require an application/audition, but the process may be vary depending on program.
  • Students who do not request a program change will automatically advance in their current MSA class(es), unless their MSA teacher indicates that they have not met the requirements.

Please have your student contact Shannon or come by the MSA Office if they have questions.


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