MSA Class Schedules for 2023-24

Is your student wondering about their MSA class schedules for next year? MSA classes are not availability in Aeries for course requests because student are placed by teachers. If your student successfully completes their MSA class(es) they will automatically advance in their program.

We are here to help when a student asks to try a new program. The first step is filling out the MSA Recommitment form found in their MSA google classroom so that their current teacher is informed and we can set up interviews or auditions for the requested program. Students requesting a change will be contacted in the second week of January.

MSA Scheduling Take Aways:

  • All MSA classes are scheduled by Shannon, not by NHS counselors;
  • MSA students do not need to reapply/audition to continue in their current MSA classes
  • If interested in trying a new program students request the change in the MSA Recommitment form shared by their current MSA teachers
  • Program change requests are being reviewed this week. Students will be contacted with next steps; most new programs will require an application/audition
  • Students who do not request a program change will continue in their current MSA program, unless their MSA teacher indicates that they have not met the requirements.
  •  Students are welcome to contact Shannon if they have any questions.


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