How MSA Classes are Set for Next School Year

While students are working with counselors and/or confirming their course requests in Aeries for next school year, the process does not include MSA intermediate and advanced classes.

Arts classes for MSA students are approved by placement and students advance in their programs automatically year to year. To ensure that students have opportunities to explore their purpose, identity and passion in the arts, all MSA students fill out an MSA recommitment form which has been added to their MSA google classes this week.

This is where students can request to add or drop an MSA program and/or confirm that they want to continue in their program(s). If a student does not fill out the form it is assumed they want to continue with their current art program. MSA students take a minimum of two arts classes each year and commit to the full year in that program.

How to change MSA programs
Changing MSA programs is not automatic—requests must be approved by program faculty, and policies and timelines for course changes apply. Shannon is reviewing all “add” requests submitted to determine if an interview or audition is needed for placement. Any required interviews or auditions will happen during school hours. Students will be notified by email the status of their requests.

MSA exceptions
AP Art History and Leadership can count as a second MSA class, if needed. If a student also has MCP, AVID or other specialized program, they are granted a one-course waiver for MSA. Email Shannon with any questions.


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