Grateful to MSA Leadership

As we end this 20th anniversary year, we would like to thank MSA’s fearless leaders and fiercest advocates, Michelle Cortez and Shannon Miller.

At the helm and seemingly tireless in her efforts, our MSA Director Michelle Cortez never strays from her purpose: to create an inclusive, arts-infused campus at Novato High School. A visionary in every sense of the word, her leadership is invaluable as she continuously pursues ways to make ALL of our students’ experiences not only exceptional but memorable.

And Shannon Miller is truly MSA’s unsung hero. She swiftly moves around the campus getting things done. From making sure we have the right equipment for an event to determining if a student’s class schedule works with their arts program to everything in between, Shannon juggles it all.

We are so grateful to both of these outstanding individuals. Thank you for all you do for our campus, our community, and our student


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