ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes

Visit the Center for the Arts for any event this week and be amazed by the incredible artistry of more than 500 students adorning every available wall and gallery space for ArtFest 2024! The annual adjudicated exhibit features works by Art & Design, Creative Writing, Digital Art & Animation, Drawing & Painting, Photography, Product Design, Sculpture & Ceramics and Video Game Design. The many styles come together to present a thought-provoking, beautiful, revealing, and imaginative display of creativity brought to life.

A panel of judges in each program bestowed awards for the following:

ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes 1Best in Show
Olivia Nash, Sculpture & Ceramics

Art & Design
Winter Brill, Vanessa Murcia, Emily Lopez, Rylie PowellPiper Ogden, Farallon Murison, Lia Chrisman, Fátima Hernández, Zuly Aya Ramírez, Wardah Noor, Antony López, Jazmín Paez Benítez, Reimi Zingkhai, Chau Nguye, Will Cooper,  Juno Phipps, José Oscar Ibarra, Belinda Penalonzo, Mira Snider, Esme White, Anthony Cavallero, Tobias Mossberger, Margot Luk, Lucy Young, Grace Kumar, Macy Page, Valeria Vilches, Rudy Lajpop, Cecilia Olivia, Elia Velasquez, Erick Calachij, Crystal Sánchez, David Romero, Sofía Amaya, Valeria Vilches, Sonia Silveiro, Valentina Alva, Miriam Torres, Nimsi Calderón, Marcos Hernández, Will Cooper, Cristian Landaverde, Macyn Paige, Delvis Escobar, Ruby Yee

ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes 2Creative Writing
Honorable Mentions: “Transform” by Juno Phipps; “Our World” by Mira Snider;”Lovers Radio” by Jackie Barr; “Poop Perspective” by Valentine Hillary, Clay Kee & Tiago Moreira; “cups of coffee” by Evy Hall; “Change, stay the same” by Noe Pardini; “The Prosecution Doesn’t Rest” by Katie Boyle
3rd Place: “The Sound of Heartbreak” by Chloe Gillmer
2nd Place: “Good Times Today” by Izzy Mann
1st Place: “Too Young” by Hannah Dorfler

ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes 3Drawing & Painting
Honorable Mentions: North Fox, Eve Moynihan, Jocelyn Marchant, Disa Doan, Angel McGuire, Shem Rothbaum
3rd Place (tie): Michael Zhou and Ozias Gast
2nd Place (tie): Kalea Arian and Cesar Martinez Lopez
1st Place: Mackenzie Malcolm

3rd Place: Alma Nabatian
2nd Place: Jaya Hugand
1st Place: Tyler Smith

ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes 4Product Design
Honorable Mentions: Anja Bayer, Isa Doan
3rd Place Taylor Watterson and Alex Farley
2nd Place: Isa Yee
1st Place: Magnus Hodge

ArtFest Exhibit a Feast for the Eyes 5

Sculpture & Ceramics
Honorable Mentions: Charlie MacKenzie, Angel Rosales Alvarado, Eva Marashi
3rd Place: Amelia Romeo
2nd Place: Katherine Diaz Badillo
1st Place: Olivia Nash


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